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Document management with Doxis4


Find, revise and share digital documents without effort.


Collaborative work made easy with comment, note & highlight tools.


Work on the most current document & keep track of changes.

End-to-end digital document management

Doxis4 document management is the foundation for company-wide digitalization.

The journey of a document can be long and winding. Case in point: a purchase requisition. A department creates a requisition form to acquire material. This form is then reviewed and approved by Purchasing. The Legal team, in turn, handles the formalities of the requisition. The team leader works out the budget. Now there are several documents related to this one requisition. And the journey doesn't stop there. With the Doxis4 document management system (DMS), collaborating on documents has never been easier: directly locate the right document version and its related content to collaborate and share with others. Every step of the document journey is logged. All this accelerates your processes and enhances enterprise-wide collaboration.

Dokumentenmanagement (DMS) ist die Basis für unternehmensweite Digitalisierung.

DURAVIT AG: Short best practice

A global leader with global DMS

A global leader with global DMS

Where is the right document? DURAVIT no longer asks this question. With Doxis4 document management, everything is where it should be. What’s more, DURAVIT uses the Doxis4 ECM platform  for email archiving, eRecords, and much more.



What does DMS mean?

A document management system is more than just a digital replication of your documents. Find out for yourself how Doxis4 helps you to manage your documents.

Search less, find more

In document-centric work, you need immediate access to all kinds of information.

Even before you start working on a document, you need the most current version. Instead of searching in file directories and email mailboxes, locate the latest version immediately with Doxis4 document management that’s stored in comments, notes and digital files.

Integrated with Office & Outlook

Do you use Microsoft products to create and work on documents and emails? Then smart Doxis4 add-ins will help you.

  • Find information directly while working in Microsoft Office & Outlook.
  • Simple archiving out of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook.
  • Intelligent Doxis4 templates to quickly create & file documents.
Dokumentenmanagement einfach in Office integriert

Digital documents enhanced

Transparent and traceable: this is how digital documents should be processed.

Let’s be honest: We love digital, but we sure do miss the convenience of tools like a highlighter pen, a sticky note or a red marker. Not to worry! These tools are still available! In Doxis4, notes, comments, stamps and many other tools are offered in digital form — whether you are working online, offline, on your desktop or on a mobile device. The big advantage? It's always clear who added, commented or changed what and when. Where file systems fall short, Doxis4 creates transparency throughout all versions. It prevents redundancies and logs each processing step in a traceable way.

Best Practice

The path to company-wide document management

The path to company-wide document management

The days of managing documents in emails, filing systems and tedious file searches are relics of the past. Take the lead from Deutsche Bahn, the German national railway corporation: Follow their innovative track to establishing company-wide digital document management.


Document management enhances collaboration

When several people are working on one document, Doxis4 document management makes sure that processes are secure and prompt.

Stay up-to-date

Doxis4 notifies you automatically when new files, documents and versions are created or modified.

Share information securely

Documents, tasks, related information: share it all securely in Doxis4, also with third parties and through virtual project rooms.

Faster processing times

With automated review, release and approval processes, Doxis4 accelerates the journey of your documents and tasks.

Meet deadlines

Doxis4 reminders won't let you miss a deadline. It will even automatically send you the document.


Doxis4 can do more!

Take advantage of the platform potential: With Doxis4, you can create company-wide solutions that work in perfect harmony – the foundation for digital business processes throughout your company.

Document management with Doxis4: Your return on information

With Doxis4, we develop and implement the enterprise content management (ECM) software of the future. Functioning as a digital workspace, Doxis4 boosts the information literacy of each employee and of the entire organization. We secure information and tap its full potential. We connect people with information, synchronize business processes and facilitate knowledge-based teamwork between companies, their suppliers and customers.

Document management with Doxis4: Your return on information

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