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Email archiving

Email archiving with Doxis4

Enough with chaotic filing — email archiving with Doxis4

Chaotic email filing in personal mailboxes poses immense challenges for companies not only from a compliance perspective, but also in terms of business processes. The result: a lack of transparency and major risks for the business, e.g. if important emails are accidentally deleted and cannot be found again.

Companies shouldn't be exposed to these kinds of risks. With Doxis4, you have a modern software solution that allows you to file emails and their attachments in an audit-proof, structured and context-related way. The emails are accessible company-wide — even from third-party applications. The solution gives you extensive options to efficiently archive emails: from manual, user-oriented filing directly from the personal email mailbox to rule-based archiving, and journal archiving. Various email archiving options with Doxis4 are presented here:

User-driven filing directly from the email mailbox

With Doxis4, users can file all emails quickly, easily and always in the context of the business process, without ever leaving the familiar work environment and the personal email mailbox. Using drag & drop in the Doxis4 clients or smart add-ins in Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes, you can archive emails.

An integrated similarity analysis makes sure that the same email isn't filed multiple times in the Doxis4 archive by differing recipients. What's more, users have many options in Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes for searching for documents, records, etc. in Doxis4 and directly accessing them.

Server-side email archiving

With Doxis4, it's also possible to automatize the archiving of all business correspondences (according to fixed rules). Finally, users have the option of having the archived emails automatically deleted from the source system or having them replaced by a link. Companies benefit here from the fact that the email server has a perceptibly reduced load.

With a server-side automatic email archiving process in place, users have a flexible and freely definable framework at their disposal. Emails are primarily filtered based on their date here. Many other criteria, such as email sizes, attachment formats and other email attributes, can then be added and linked to defined rules. Companies benefit, for instance, from fact that the archiving function separates business emails from private emails. For example, you could designate private folders in an email mailbox that are excluded from archiving.

Journal archiving: Archive all inbound and outbound emails

Especially in terms of compliance aspects, the server-side and audit-proof archiving of all inbound and outbound emails makes great sense. Doxis4 ensures this with journal archiving, which makes sure that emails with important business information (e.g. invoices, contracts, meeting protocols) that are considered business letters and are thus subject to retention are not lost or accidentally deleted. By logging emails, companies are able to prove in a compliant way who sent or received an email. In case of a company audit, auditors have quick access to relevant data according to legal requirements such as German tax and commercial code (GoBD, AO or HGB). Furthermore, emails and their attachments can be converted into a secure long-term file format (e.g. TIFF, PDF and PDF/A) which can still be read after many years.

More about email archiving with Doxis4

Your benefits

  • Doxis4 archiving: From manual to rule-based to journal archiving
  • Flexible archiving functions (user-driven and server-side email filing; also combined)
  • Audit-proof, compliant and structured retention of emails — also in the business context
  • Deep integration into Microsoft Exchange/Outlook/Office 365 and IBM Domino/Notes
  • Reducing email server load
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Features & strengths of email archiving with Doxis4

  • Flexible archiving options

    Users can manually archive emails in only one click of a button. They have three options here: "like last filing", "like last filing from current folder" and "with last filing template". This way, users save time and can simultaneously file as many emails as they want.

    Users also profit from the freely definable archive rules (e.g. email size, attachment format, email attributes) in the server-driven email archiving of Doxis4. There is no rule without an exception. Users can define exceptions without completely defining new rules for these special cases.

    All inbound and outbound emails, including the attachments, can be archived with journal archiving in an audit-proof way.

  • Reducing the email server load

    The email server load is considerably reduced thanks to server-driven email archiving, which also deletes emails from the source system. Only the file sets with the file name, attributes and the link remain on the server. This facilitates and shortens maintenance and the time needed for back-ups and recovery. What's more, companies save on storage space and cut down on costs noticeably.

  • Quick search

    Searches for emails, their attachments and further objects belonging to the business case (documents, records, etc.) archived in Doxis4 are directly integrated into Microsoft Office and IBM Notes. Users also have the option of conducting a full-text search that allows them to search in both email text and in all searchable email attachments.

  • Certified audit security

    Deloitte & Touche, an internationally renowned auditing firm, has certified that the Doxis4 iECM suite is in accordance with the German auditing standard IDW PS 880. The electronic email archiving is also in accordance with the GoBD, AO and HGB auditing requirements.

    The certified audit security, combined with meticulous procedure documentation, flexible retention periods, traceability of changes, and digital signatures, form the basis for compliance with laws and provide long-term protection for emails that require retention or should be archived.

Fähigkeiten & Stärken der E-Mail-Archivierung mit Doxis4

Deloitte & Touche certified Doxis4 according to IDW PS 880

Deloitte & Touche, an internationally renowned auditing firm, has certified that the Doxis4 enterprise content management software by SER is in accordance with the German auditing standard IDW PS 880. SER customers therefore receive guaranteed security and can be sure that the electronic archiving procedures are audit-proof in accordance with the generally accepted principles for properly maintaining and storing books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access (GoBD) and with the German commercial and tax codes.

More about the Doxis4 IDW PS 880 certification

Context-specific email processing and archiving

The more precisely an email is allocated to a customer, project, open business case, etc., the more efficiently and correctly the next processing steps can take place. Doxis4 supports companies in achieving this. It allows the user to safely file and precisely allocate emails to business processes — in other words, to the business context from which the email originates. For example, if the email is about an offer, then the context would be the related transaction in the ERP system. The allocation is mostly automatic and directly integrated into the email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).

DER Touristik

With its Doxis4 solution, the group processes more than half a million incoming invoices automatically and archives all invoicing documents in an audit-proof manner in the SER archive.

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Fraport AG relies on Doxis4 for long-term archiving. The archive already contained 8.7 million documents with a total volume of 1.3 terabytes when the company switched to the current product generation.

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Westfalen Group

Doxis4 is the ECM platform used across the entire Westfalen Group. Over the past 15 years, the SER system has consistently been expanded, with the result that nearly all of Westfalen's departments and corporate divisions now work with Doxis4.

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Randstad Germany

Randstad, the leading employment services provider in Germany, introduced the Doxis4 archive to archive more than 27 million personnel documents from the leading SAP Folder Management system.

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EDEKA Nord manages information including plans, acceptances, contracts, and ongoing invoices for its markets in electronic property records with the aim of providing documents in a quick, simple and paperless manner.

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SEW-Eurodrive relies on DMS archiving solutions, a globally networked, high-availability storage infrastructure and other SER solutions to optimise its processes all over the world.

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Overview of email archiving with Doxis4

Manual email archiving with Doxis4

  • Seamless, deep integration into Microsoft Office 365, Outlook 2010 & 2013 and IBM Lotus Notes
  • Client-based manual filing of emails, incl. metadata (index data), and the attachment in the business context
  • Email conversion into PDF or PDF/A
  • Search for document attributes, optional full-text search for document content
  • Avoiding multiple copies filed by various email recipients (similarity analysis)
  • Multiple contexts for emails
  • Possible to select and file multiple emails
  • Option to automatically delete filed emails in the email system

Server-side email archiving with Doxis4

  • Integration into groupware by Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino
  • Automatic, rule-based email archiving
  • Freely definable conditions for selecting emails to be archived
  • Journal archiving (option to exclude internal emails)
  • Automatic, rule-based deletion and partial deletion of emails from the source system
  • Optional full-text search (also in attachments) with proposal values and further functions
  • Replacing and eliminating personal storage tables and Lotus Notes email archive databases
  • Archiving and restoring single objects and entire folders

Interested in learning more about email archiving or Doxis4?

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