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Doxis4 iRoom: Common basis of information

Common basis of information

Protected room for all project-relevant documents and processes

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Integrating external members

Integrating external members

Inviting external project team members via email to the project room

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Doxis4 iRoom: Processes and workflows

Processes and workflows

Traceability, release processes and project milestones

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Doxis4 iRoom: Managing complex projects

Doxis4 iRoom: Managing complex projects

With the Doxis4 iRoom, companies have a means of giving project team members, also external ones, secure browser-based access to project data in a protected project room — no installation required and from anywhere in the world.

Many projects necessitate collaboration between both internal team members and external specialists, for example, partners, suppliers, appraisers, lawyers, etc. The Doxis4 iRoom provides them secure, location-independent and cross-company access to documents, records, process instances and tasks. No searching is required: all relevant documents or processes are immediately displayed — either in a list (usually of records) or in public directories. Everyone involved in the project has access to the same information.

They can share and work on project documents, record folders or complete records. Project tasks can also be distributed, managed and monitored via the Doxis4 iRoom. That way, you can manage project documents in an organized way, without redundancies. Versioning ensures that all document modifications are transparent and traceable. Instead of having to use email attachments or file sharing solutions, and thus exposing your work to security risks and version chaos, the Doxis4 iRoom is a solution that gives teams a shared basis of information that is secure and always up-to-date.

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Doxis4 iRoom: Externe Projektmitglieder einbinden

Integrating external project members

With the Doxis4 iRoom, project team members can be invited via email to have permanent or limited access to the project. The email contains a link that provides them secure access to project-related information. For example, in a construction project, drawings can be forwarded via the Doxis4 iRoom either ad hoc or fully automated to the civil engineer in charge for approval.

The civil engineer can then use the Doxis4 iRoom to give approval via a digital workflow. This is how external project members can easily be integrated into internal processes.

Managing access protection

The detailed authorization concept flexibly controls which documents, folders or records can be viewed or edited. The project manager is in charge of assigning project members access rights and individual roles. As a result, this person also has the ability to issue or revoke access to project information. To ensure the traceability of information accesses, an audit trail function keeps track of when a temporary access link is sent. Consequently, it is always clear which internal users invited which individuals and granted access to an information object.

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Transparent project progress

Transparent project progress

In the Doxis4 iRoom, all project members are informed of the project status. They immediately see the status of releases, acknowledgments and project milestones. With annotations and notes functions, it is possible to make comments and notes directly in the business context of documents and processes — and not in separate email communication.

Versioning ensures that it's always clear who added or changed what and when. This way, your company is well equipped to fulfill compliance requirements. Notification and subscription functions automatically inform project members, also via email, about processes, new or modified documents, milestones achieved, and important deadlines and dates.

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Doxis4 iRoom — Redefining collaboration

Whether it's a project room for internal and external participants or a secure deal room with the highest level of confidentiality – Doxis4 iRoom is a state-of-the-art collaboration solution for successfully running complex cross-company projects.


Protected virtual rooms for working, projects and dataProtected virtual rooms for working, projects and data

Secure project document sharingSecure project document


Invite internal and external partners via email to the iRoomInvite internal and external partners via email to the iRoom

Process documentation and archivingProcess documentation and archiving


Subscription and notification functionsSubscription and notification functions

Clearly managed tasks and deadlinesClearly managed tasks and deadlines

Eissmann Group Automotive

The Eissmann Group made the decision to use the Doxis4 iECM Suite from SER across the entire business.

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DEGES Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau GmbH

It’s DEGES’ responsibility to plan traffic routes economically, to steer projects cost-consciously, to streamline construction measures, and much more.

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Doxis4 iRoom: Features & strengths


Features & strengths: Virtual project rooms

project rooms

The Doxis4 iRoom is a web-based collaboration component of the Doxis4 iECM suite. In the Doxis4 iRoom, interdisciplinary project teams share, work on and manage all project documents and processes in a protected project room.

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Features & strengths: Invite external project members via email

Invite external project
members via email

It is easy to invite internal and, most importantly, external partners via email to the web-based project room. Access can be granted on a temporary or permanent basis. Differentiated authorizations regulate which project members may view or edit which information.

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Features & strengths: Security and traceability

Security and

In contrast to unsafe file sharing solutions such as Dropbox, etc., the Doxis4 iRoom provides a protected space for sharing data and documents. What's more, the audit trail logs all document changes, releases, acknowledgments, edits or deletions — including who was behind them.

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Features & strengths: Protect sensitive information

Protect sensitive

The detailed authorization concept flexibly controls who has access to documents, folders or records. The project manager is in charge of assigning project members access rights. Authorization, authentication and SSL encryption for client-server communication protect your company from unauthorized access.

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Features & strengths: Seamlessly integrate third-party apps

Seamlessly integrate
third-party apps

If necessary, the Doxis4 iRoom can transfer project parameters such as the customer number, customer name, project phase, etc. directly from the ERP or CRM system. External applications such as wikis or chat apps can also be integrated.

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Features & strengths: Always be informed

be informed

Notification and subscription functions automatically inform project members, also via email, about processes, new or modified documents, milestone achievement, plus important deadlines and dates.

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