Document management using
Microsoft Office & Outlook

Seamless ECM integration for Microsoft

Office workers spend a great deal of their working time writing emails, creating and editing documents, calculating figures, and working on presentations. The majority of companies use the Microsoft Office suite to support them with these tasks. While Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, etc., can all be used in a variety of different ways, they still lack key document management functions that enable users to file, manage and search through their documents and emails. What's more, complicated filing systems make it difficult for users to manage and gain direct access to their documents.  Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics ERP (NAV and AX) and Dynamics CRM also lack additional document management functions to help them work efficiently with documents, records and document-based workflows.

Doxis4 provides a systematic solution linking document management functions for all Office and business applications to an enterprise content management platform. This Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software merges individual information silos, keeping documents fully in tact and maintaining their context within the business process. It ensures that all data is available in a single media format and enables documents to move smoothly between Office and business applications. Doxis4 also provides Microsoft applications with a number of important DMS functions. Depending on the tasks to be performed, it features functions that enable users to file documents and emails and then find them again, structure information within eRecords, work together in teams (collaboration) and exchange documents (workbaskets and workflows).

These DMS functions are integrated seamlessly into the standard Microsoft user interfaces. Users continue to perform their work within the Microsoft environment. However, when it comes to saving data, documents and emails are stored and maintained in the Doxis4 Content Repository instead of in the standard filing system. This enables them to be filed in accordance with their content or context within the business process. One of the main advantages of this is that it means that documents are available for a number of business processes and can be accessed by various different teams and departments, provided that the person in question has been assigned the relevant access rights.  

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What it has to offer

  • ECM integration for all Microsoft applications
  • Microsoft user interface includes additional DMS functions
  • Users are able to file, search, select, and display documents straight from the Microsoft application in question
  • Documents are stored centrally within their business context instead in complicated filing systems spread on various different drives
  • Enterprise Search functions enable users to search the entire Repository, i.e. beyond just the Microsoft solutions   
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Doxis4 SmartOffice Plus - digital office organisation and automation

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Doxis4 Integration - integration options for the Doxis4 iECM suite

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Microsoft Office

With Doxis4 SmartOffice, Word, Excel and PowerPoint are transformed into an ECM client for filing and searching through documents and emails. It enables you to search for, select, display and edit documents straight from Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Outlook

Thanks to Doxis4 SmartOutlook, your email client will include additional important DMS functions for archiving emails plus a search function for displaying emails and documents in the Content Repository.

Microsoft SharePoint

The Doxis4 SharePoint ILM Manager and Portal Connector expand the collaboration platforms by adding key ECM functions for archiving, searching and displaying documents and records.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM

Doxis4 adds keys DMS functions to Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CR, enabling users to archive and manage documents, manage eRecords and deal with incoming mail.

Gold standard partner for Microsoft solutions

SER has been a certified Microsoft Gold Partner for a number of years, providing customers with guaranteed seamless integration between Microsoft solutions and the Doxis4 iECM suite.

Having completed a number of successful customer projects using a wide range of Microsoft products, you can rest assured that SER has the skills and expertise needed to work with Microsoft. Its status as a Gold Partner not only enables SER to work closely with Microsoft, it also involves a number of other benefits, such as having direct access to all of Microsoft's support and training services and receiving information about new products and updated technology.