Intelligent document management for Word, Excel and PowerPoint

ECM integration in Microsoft Office with Doxis4

While Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint all contain a wealth of functions when it comes to creating and editing documents, they still lack a few key functions, such as a universal, cross-departmental document repository, version management, template management and check-in/check-out functions. As a result, documents are often copied several times and then stored in a number of different folders, meaning that any changes made go completely undocumented. Users are not able to note when particular documents are related to one another and it is not always abundantly clear whether a document is the original version or an updated copy.

Enterprise Content Management with Doxis4 is more than just an alternative filing system for your documents. It also includes a wealth of other important functions for your day-to-day documentation requirements, particularly those related to the need to edit and access documents across teams and departments.

Doxis4 SmartOffice expands the Microsoft Office Suite by adding important archiving and document management functions directly into the standard Microsoft user interfaces. As such, any new Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents drawn up in Microsoft Office can be filed according their business context as soon as they have been created. Documents can also (though do not have to) be filed in an audit-proof manner. For example, this can apply to early versions of the document or documents that are not subject to any retention obligations.

What it has to offer

  • Impressive ECM functions are integrated straight into the Microsoft Office client
  • Documents are filed according their context in an audit-proof and redundancy-free manner, eliminating complicated filing systems and confusion over document versions
  • Office documents can be accessed directly across different teams and departments
  • Version management, including change logging

Features & strengths

  • Seamless integration into the Microsoft Office environment

    Doxis4 SmartOffice is integrated into the user interfaces for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. When you work with Microsoft Office on a regular basis, you may not feel comfortable with having to leave your favourite user environments to have to file new documents or search for and edit existing documents. The Doxis4 Office Add-In is therefore the ideal solution as its functions appear as standard Microsoft functions. It therefore doesn't take users long to get to grips with new DMS functions. Filing and search dialogs can be adapted to suit your own individual requirements.

  • All the information you need in context

    The majority of a company's written data is created, edited and distributed in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These documents are part of a company's business processes and have to be managed, filed and archived in context along with additional documents created in other systems and formats (PDF, emails, images, etc.). Doxis4 SmartOffice adds key document management functions to the Microsoft Office environment. Instead of filing documents in complicated folder structures, documents are stored in full and in context in the company-wide Doxis4 Content Repository so that they can be viewed, edited, reviewed and approved by the relevant employee.

  • Integration with eRecords and workflows

    When combined with electronic records, such as customer records or supplier files, Office documents can be stored quickly in the most suitable record folder. This means that all documents and emails containing requests, orders, enquiries and other important information related to a particular customer are made available within a business context. It can also be made available to other colleagues for day-to-day business or when providing holiday cover. Search functions cover both content and metadata in documents and emails as well as all records containing the required information. 

  • Improved teamwork

    A company's business processes often involve a number of different teams and departments. This also applies to document management processes. To support project-oriented and process-based work, Doxis4 provides companies with a comprehensive Content Repository that gives all authorised users direct access to documents. As a result, companies waste less time trying to find out where a document is saved, who is working on it and which version is the latest copy. The Doxis4 SmartOffice Add-In builds on this by providing users with special ECM functions such as a search function, check-in/check-out functions, version management, filing functions for a number of different formats (Word, PDF, etc.) and a conversion function for long time formats. These functions make it easier for several people to work on Office documents at the same time. 

  • Standard administration

    Filing and search dialogs for Microsoft Office can be managed centrally within the Doxis4 iECM Suite. You can also create new dialogs or update old ones in the design client Doxis4 cubeDesigner. You can also use the Doxis4 design client to add access rights for certain functions, groups and departments to SmartOffice dialogs. By providing companies with a centrally-managed platform, Doxis4 enables them to implement a range of requirements into Microsoft Office in a simple, efficient and systematic manner.

Dynamic Microsoft-style menu bar

Doxis4 SmartOffice adds an additional menu bar into the supported Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). As a result, users are able to access Doxis4's additional functions for filing, searching and editing Office documents from the popular Microsoft user environment. The menu bar and available functions adapt to meet the context in question (whether you are editing, searching or saving documents) and can also be configured to meet your individual needs. 

Preview Lupe
Preview Lupe

Integrated filing dialog

With Doxis4 SmartOffice, you can use the integrated filing dialogs to move Office documents into the Doxis4 Content Repository at any time. This includes all metadata related to the document, its context within the business process, and if necessary a personal working version that is not accessible to any other users. The automatic transfer of document properties and other entry support is much quicker than using the “Save as” function in complicated Windows folder structures, thus making processes even more efficient. 

Full result list for search functions

Doxis4 SmartOffice uses integrated, configurable search dialogs in Microsoft Office to enable users to search the entire Doxis4 Content Repository for information and documents. The fulltext search, index search and the combined search functions mean that you will even be able to search large quantities of documents both quickly and in accordance with the context in question. The result list is integrated into Microsoft Office and contains both Office documents and other formats, providing a quick and complete overview of all search results and documents.

Preview Lupe
Preview Lupe

Shared editing processes and version management

From creating a document and managing its versions to archiving the final copy in an audit-proof manner, Doxis4 supports collaborative work on “live” documents in Microsoft Office. The Check-in/Check-out functions in the SmartOffice menu bar stop documents from being used by colleagues while you are working on them. Once you have finished making your changes, you can save them as your working version or as a final version which can then be made available to other team members or the entire company.

Ärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Büdingen

Bei der Ärztlichen Verrechnungsstelle Büdingen sind Archiv, DMS, eAkten, Postkörbe, BPM, Capture und Smart­Office Plus aus der Doxis4 iECM-Suite im Einsatz.

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Overview of Microsoft Office & Doxis4

Filing & indexing

  • New Office documents can be filed straight from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Office documents are archived in an audit-proof manner along with all information describing their content and process context (metadata)
  • Filing dialogs, option lists and entry fields are pre-defined in Office, along with list suggestions
  • Document properties are transferred from Office as index values with individual mapping
  • Repeated attributes, masked entry fields, obligatory fields and blocked fields for filing dialogs are all supported

Search & display functions

  • Search function covers the entire Doxis4 Content Repository and can be accessed directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Index search finds document properties
  • Fulltext search looks for content in documents
  • Combined search covers both document properties and content
  • System proposes values for search fields in Microsoft Office
  • Result list can be sorted, grouped and filtered; best results can be previewed as fulltext in Microsoft Office
  • Documents can be opened in Microsoft Office or in another application (PDF program, picture editor, etc.) or in the Doxis4 clients (Windows, web, mobile) or the Doxis4 Viewer.

Editing & collaboration

  • Documents in the Doxis4 Content Repository can be edited in Word, Excel and PowerPoint without having to use an additional Doxis4 client or change windows
  • Versions can be managed using the check-in/check-out functions for shared use
  • Office documents can be converted into PDFs using Office functions and filed as further representations
  • Office documents can be turned into PDFs, PDF/As and TIFFs using the optional Doxis4 PDF & TIFF Producer

Managing & administrating

  • Filing and search dialogs can be designed to suit individual needs
  • Dialogs, users and rights can be managed centrally in the Admin Client
  • Scripting environment can be used for handling events and further customisation

More ECM for Microsoft

SER has been a certified Microsoft Gold Partner for a number of years, providing customers with guaranteed seamless integration between Microsoft solutions and the Doxis4 iECM suite. In addition to Microsoft Office, Doxis4 also provides further comprehensive ECM support in standard Microsoft user interfaces: thanks to intelligent add-ins for Microsoft Outlook and connectors for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX, there is no end to the ECM opportunities available for Microsoft users.

Integration of Doxis4 & Microsoft

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