Intelligent document and email management for Microsoft Outlook

ECM integration in Microsoft Outlook with Doxis4

These days, companies conduct most of their correspondence via email with Microsoft Outlook being the most commonly used groupware client for email communication. Outlook enables users to set up and manage emails, contacts and appointments in the calendar. However, this is always conducted separately from the related business processes. Incoming and outgoing emails are often only available in an individual mailbox or under group mailboxes, meaning that they cannot be accessed by other people involved in the relevant business process. To overcome this issue, some employees print out emails and file them away. Others covert emails to text which they then save into unwieldy folder structures along with any attachments. Both of attempted solutions result in data being stored in a number of different media formats, which increases the workload, reduces transparency and disrupts business processes.

Doxis4 SmartOutlook expands Microsoft Outlook by adding important archiving and document management functions directly into your Outlook inbox. As a result, you will be able to file and archive emails and their attachments in the company-wide Content Repository along with information on their content and context. Instead of being buried away in personal inboxes, all correspondence will be available to whoever needs it, provided they have the relevant access rights. 

What it has to offer

  • Impressive ECM functions integrated into Microsoft Outlook
  • Emails can be filed quickly in accordance with their context
  • Emails and documents can be accessed systematically instead of being stored in isolated mailboxes
  • Less burden on the Microsoft Exchange Server

Features & strengths

  • Seamless integration into the Microsoft Outlook environment

    Doxis4 SmartOutlook is fully integrated into the Microsoft Outlook user interface. When you work with Microsoft Outlook on a regular basis, you may not feel comfortable with having to leave your normal working environment and personal mailbox to have to file emails or search for information in the Content Repository. The Outlook Add-In is therefore the perfect solution. Functions appear in standard Microsoft style in the menu bar and can be adapted using customisable filing and search dialogs to meet your business correspondence requirements. 

  • All the email communication you need in context

    Emails are part of a company's business processes and have to be managed, filed and archived in context along with additional documents created in other systems and formats (PDF, Office documents, images, etc.). Doxis4 SmartOutlook expands Microsoft Outlook to include key email management functions and metadata. Instead of keeping emails in personalised mailboxes, they are stored in full and in context in the company-wide Doxis4 Content Repository where they can then be accessed by all relevant employees. At the same time, the similarity check helps to make sure that the email hasn't already been filed by another employee in the process chain. 

  • Integration with eRecords and workflows

    When combined with electronic records, such as customer records or supplier files, emails from Outlook can be stored quickly in the most suitable record folder. This means that all emails and documents containing requests, orders, enquiries and other important information related to a particular customer are made available within a business context. It can also be made available to other colleagues for day-to-day business or when providing holiday cover. Search functions cover both content and metadata in emails and documents as well as the records containing the required information. 

  • Less strain on Outlook mailboxes

    Thanks to the archiving function in the Doxis4 Content Repository, emails and attachments can be deleted from your Microsoft Outlook mailbox. However, a reference to the email is always entered into Doxis4 so that you can be directed to the Doxis4 document at any time.

  • Standard administration

    Filing and search dialogs for Microsoft Outlook can be managed centrally within the Doxis4 iECM Suite. You can also create new dialogs or update old ones in the design and specialized administration client Doxis4 cubeDesigner. You can also used Doxis4 cubeDesigner to add access rights for certain functions, groups and departments to SmartOutlook dialogs. By providing companies with a centrally-managed platform, Doxis4 enables them to implement a range of requirements into Microsoft Outlook in a simple, efficient and systematic manner.

Microsoft-style user interfaces

Doxis4 SmartOutlook is integrated into Microsoft Outlook in the form of a menu bar (ribbon) and work item window. This means that users don't have to leave their normal application environment to access all Doxis4 functions for filing inbound and outbound emails, and searching emails and additional documents. All search and filing dialogs and the applicable settings can also be configured to meet your own requirements. 

Preview Lupe
Preview Lupe

Integrated filing dialog and templates

Using Doxis4 SmartOutlook's integrated filing dialogs, you can transfer the emails in your mailbox into the Content Repository at any time along with any metadata related to their context. Filing templates and entry prompts can provide valuable support to people who have to deal with large amounts of emails. With Doxis4, you no longer need to waste time forwarding emails, replying to all or updating other people involved in the process.

Selected attachments and formats

When filing emails with Doxis4 SmartOutlook, you have the option of choosing which email components should be filed and in which formats. Do you want the whole email and all its attachments? Just the message itself? The message and some of the attachments? Or just the attachments? Emails and their attachments can either be filed in their original formats or converted into PDF or PDF/A.

Preview Lupe
Preview Lupe

Universal search function for your mailbox

Doxis4 SmartOutlook uses integrated, configurable search dialogs in Microsoft Outlook to enable users to search the entire Doxis4 Content Repository for the required emails, attachments and additional documents. The fulltext search function, index search and the combined search functions mean that you will even be able to find large quantities of emails both quickly and in accordance with the context in question. The integrated result list covers both emails and other formats, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the results without having to leave the Outlook mailbox.

Overview of Microsoft Outlook & Doxis4

Filing, indexing & context

  • Emails can be filed straight from Outlook in an audit-proof manner
  • Emails can be filed with all attachments, without any attachments, with selected attachments or as the attachments only
  • Similarity checks help to avoid redundant copies
  • Filing dialogs, option lists and entry fields are pre-defined in Outlook, along with list suggestions
  • Repeated attributes, masked entry fields, obligatory fields and blocked fields for filing dialogs are all supported
  • Filing templates are available for common settings used for emails and attachments
  • Emails and attachments can be converted into PDFs and PDF/As using the optional Doxis4 PDF & TIFF Producer or using the Doxis4 Rendition Server

Search & display functions

  • Search function covers the entire Doxis4 Content Repository and can be accessed from Microsoft Outlook
  • Index search finds email and document properties
  • Fulltext search looks for content in emails and documents
  • Combined search covers both properties and content
  • System proposes values for search fields in Microsoft Outlook
  • Result list can be sorted, grouped and filtered; the best result can be previewed as fulltext in Outlook
  • Documents can be opened in Microsoft Outlook or in another application (PDF program, picture editor, etc.) or in the Doxis4 clients (Windows, web, mobile) or the Doxis4 Viewer
  • Search templates are available for commonly used search settings

Managing & administrating

  • Tenant capability
  • Automatic user sessions can be launched using SSO, Doxis4 clients or the log-in manager
  • Filing and search dialogs can be designed to suit individual needs
  • Dialogs, users and rights can be managed centrally in the Admin Client
  • Scripting environment can be used for handling events and further customisation

Inbound mail processing

The average company receives huge amounts of incoming documents every day, both via email and via other channels (post, fax, Internet). This can put a great deal of pressure on its business processes if these documents don't reach the appropriate recipients in time. Some inbound documents have to be shared with several different staff members and departments, which is often difficult to manage using conventional postal and email distribution services.  

Inbound communication processing with Doxis4

Email management

Doxis4 supplements your existing email management and ECM functions by integrating emails into your business processes and helping you to comply with retention obligations. Doxis4 Intelligent Context Control (ICC) enables you to assign context attributes to inbound and outbound emails which are then made available in the relevant records and process instances. 

Email archiving

Doxis4 contains a range of different functions that allow you to archive your emails, either separately to the manual archive function in Microsoft Outlook, automatically using a set of rules or in full using journal archiving. As a result, emails can be accessed to support other business processes and stored securely, while also helping to reduce strain on the email server at the same time.

More ECM for Microsoft

SER has been a certified Microsoft Gold Partner for a number of years, providing customers with guaranteed seamless integration between Microsoft solutions and the Doxis4 iECM suite. In addition to Microsoft Outlook, Doxis4 also provides further comprehensive ECM support in standard Microsoft user interfaces: thanks to intelligent add-ins for Microsoft Office and connectors for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX, there is no end to the ECM opportunities available for Microsoft users.

Integration of Doxis4 & Microsoft

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Doxis4 Integration - integration options for the Doxis4 iECM suite

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