Salesforce integration with Doxis4


Seamless integration with Doxis4 SmartBridge for Salesforce


Bundle all customer information in the business context


Archive every customer history seamlessly and in an audit-proof manner

Bridging system boundaries

Doxis4 SmartBridge for Salesforce bridges system boundaries.

Emails, quotations, contracts: A high volume of documents are created in customer management. For a complete view of the customer relationship, you need an overview in sales, customer service, or the project team of all customer data from Salesforce and the related documents. Doxis4 makes the information needed for your business processes available directly in Salesforce: without searching long through the file directory or email inbox. Thanks to Doxis4 SmartBridge for Salesforce, users can access all the relevant information in Doxis4 even without Salesforce access. At the same time, all Salesforce documents are archived here in an audit-proof manner. This provides security – and is the prerequisite for valuable reporting.

Salesforce integration with Doxis4: Your benefits


A 360° view of customers – with & without Salesforce


Seamless integration of Doxis4 in the Salesforce user interface


Quicker customer and service processes


Versioning of all documents from Salesforce


Reporting on customer relationships


Audit-proof storage of all information from Salesforce

What is Doxis4 SmartBridge for Salesforce?

Doxis4 SmartBridge for Salesforce is the special Doxis4 connector for Salesforce. It enables you to integrate both systems seamlessly – a prerequisite for comprehensive information management across system boundaries.

Filing & metadata inheritance

Doxis4 imports new documents from Salesforce – with all metadata. They are filed correctly and automatically, and can therefore be discovered quickly.

Allocation & eFiles

Doxis4 automatically creates eFiles for accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads and campaigns, and assigns documents and data to them – in a clearly structured manner and with specific views of customers, opportunities, etc.

Updates & notifications

Doxis4 automatically stores new versions of documents and also updates the Salesforce data sets in the eFiles. Doxis4 can notify you at any time about changes.

Was ist die Doxis4 SmartBridge for Salesforce?

Die Doxis4 SmartBridge ist der spezielle Doxis4 Konnektor für Salesforce. Sie integrieren damit beide Systeme nahtlos – die Voraussetzung für umfassendes Informationsmanagement über Systemgrenzen hinweg.

Ablage & Metadatenübernahme

Zuordnung & eAkten

Aktualisierungen & Benachrichtigungen

Integrate more

Doxis4 is the perfect fit

Doxis4 integrates seamlessly with many other applications: from ERP and CRM systems such as SAP to Microsoft Office, Outlook and SharePoint, in addition to CAD, HR and much more.

Get ahead with Salesforce integration

It makes a lot of sense to integrate Salesforce and Doxis4: in business processes, for collaboration, and to ensure secure information management.

Automatic processes

When creating new eFiles, Doxis4 automatically triggers workflows in Salesforce, e.g. for your client onboarding activities. You’ll find all the information about the process in Doxis4 as conveniently as in Salesforce.

Doxis4 iRoom

Enhance Salesforce with the Doxis4 iRoom: With the Doxis4 iRoom, you can provide customers with quotations, contracts, product information and other documents directly, securely and traceable at all times.

Content analytics

With intelligent Doxis4 Cognitive Services, take advantage of content analytics also for your Salesforce information: from automated metadata enrichment for proper filing to risk analyses.


Doxis4 automatically archives all document versions from Salesforce in an audit-proof way. This means that you can prove that all customer processes are compliant with, e.g., the EU GDPR and ready for an audit.

Doxis4 SmartBridge for Salesforce: Product highlights

  • Seamless integration with the Salesforce interface
  • Access all Doxis4 content directly from Salesforce
  • Access to Salesforce content in Doxis4 even without Salesforce access
  • Automatically responds to activities in Salesforce
  • Matching Doxis4 eFile class per Salesforce object type
  • Audit-proof archiving of Salesforce content
  • All benefits of the Doxis4 platform in the Salesforce context
Doxis4 SmartBridge for Salesforce: Product highlights

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