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Electronic contract records –
Creating structure and transparency for all your contract management needs

Contract management software Doxis4

The Doxis4 electronic record brings order, structure and transparency into your contract management. This innovative solution enables you to archive, search and monitor all contract documents in an audit-proof manner. The information cockpit contains all key contract data and is thus the perfect starting point for working with Doxis4 contract records; it provides direct access to all contract documents in the record. Contract records contain all contract information (no matter the format) and help you to manage data throughout the entire contract life cycle. Deadline monitors and a reminder management function provide automatic updates on upcoming appointments and deadlines. Contract approval and changes can also be checked and documented using the additional workbasket and workflow functionality.

For more information about contract management with Doxis4, take a look at our brochure.

Your benefits

  • Information cockpit containing all key contract data
  • Automatic reminders and deadline monitoring
  • Observance of legal regulations and compliance guidelines
  • Access to contracts from various sites and departments
  • Basis for economic, legal and statistical reports
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Doxis4 Contract Management

Doxis4 Contract Management

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Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG: ECM platform with archive, DMS, eRecords, inbound mail
Best Practice

Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG: ECM platform with archive, DMS, eRecords, inbound mail

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Features & strengths — contract management software Doxis4

  • One solution for all contracts

    You now only need a single solution to help you manage all contracts and agreements within your company, e.g. loan agreements, framework agreements, customer and supplier agreements, rental, tenancy and leasing contracts, company agreements, corporate agreements, insurance policies, employment contracts, licenses and related maintenance agreements.

  • Easily accessible

    No matter where you are working, you can open any contract using contract metadata. The full-text search function also enables you to search through document contents and metadata. Access to contract records and documents is secured through user authorization. When you are out of the office, you can use offline records or the web-based and mobile clients to access contract documents.

  • Data protection and security

    Doxis4's authorization concept ensures that your data is always secure and prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your contracts. Doxis4 contract management functions include the audit trail feature which logs every instance of access and modification to contract documents. Documents can be stored in audit-proof formats such as TIFF, PDF and PDF/A. Additional SoftWORM protection also prevents contract documents from being deleted, either intentionally or inadvertently.

  • Deadline and reminder management

    Doxis4 includes a deadline and reminder management function which automatically monitors all contract documents and reminds employees of upcoming deadlines and appointments. If the employee fails to react to these reminders, other people involved in the process are also informed of the deadline (escalation function).

  • Integration

    Doxis4 contract management can be integrated into Microsoft Office, ERP, CRM, facility management systems and other software relevant for contract work. You also have the option of automatically transferring all master and variable contract data from these applications. If integrated into Microsoft, contract documents can be transferred to Doxis4 contract management as soon as the document is created. This gives you several options, from template management to automated version management.

Features & strengths — contract management software Doxis4
Justizministerium Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg is reforming its land registry with the electronic land registry record (elGA) based on SER eGovernment Europe's PRODEA software.

Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe

The LWL relies on integrated ECM from SER across all of its departments. It uses electronic records, archiving, auditing and the KTQ handbook.

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EDEKA Nord manages information including plans, acceptances, contracts, and ongoing invoices for its markets in electronic property records with the aim of providing documents in a quick, simple and paperless manner.

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There are now already 43 million documents in the LBS Doxis4 system. 300 LBS employees work with electronic records, such as building loan records, loan records and legal records.

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City of Göttingen

Göttingen City Council relies on eGovernment and has introduced records management with electronic records
and electronic complaint management from SER.

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Stadtwerke Bielefeld

As the basis for uniform, structured document storage, constant access and the desired process improvements, an electronic construction records system (EBA) based on Doxis4 was introduced.

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Ärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Büdingen

The Ärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Büdingen uses the archive, DMS, eRecords, workbaskets, workflow, Capture and SmartOffice Plus from the Doxis4 iECM Suite.

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eRecords – More than just paper folders

Electronic records speed up processes and facilitate cross-company collaboration. Find out how you can use electronic records in SER’s Doxis4 to improve your daily work.


All contract information at a glance

All Doxis4 contract records include an information cockpit which provides an overview of all contract data, including deadlines and reminders.

Preview Lupe
Preview Lupe

Streamlined contract processes

Doxis4 gives you the option of designing a range of standardized or ad-hoc contract processes. These processes are completely digital thanks to an assortment of DMS functions, including annotations, templates and version management.

Reports & analyses

Flexible, freely definable analysis functions form the basis for economic, legal and statistical reports (e.g. for depicting liability relationships).

Preview Lupe

Overview of Doxis4 contract management

Contract record management

  • Audit-proof and legally compliant archiving functions for contracts and contract-relevant documents
  • Ability to manage all contract objects (no matter the format) within a single record (Office documents, emails, scanned paper documents, videos, etc.)
  • Referencing functions (other contracts, hierarchies, grouping functions)
  • Assigning documents to several contract processes without burdening the archive with redundant data 
  • Proposal lists for indexing documents and search functions
  • Option to assign attributes to documents or change attributes later on

Contract document management

  • Extensive DMS functions (annotations, version management, check-in/check-out)
  • Option to file Microsoft Office documents using the drag-and-drop function in Doxis4 clients, including the option to transfer file properties
  • Option to search for contract documents when working in Microsoft Office
  • Filing function for documents in various representations (source and target formats), e.g. Word and PDF

Contract process management

  • Flexible, transparent and documented contract workflows
  • Ability to design standardized and ad hoc workflows
  • Overview of contracts currently being finalized
  • Client-based auditing – who has done what to which documents and when

Contract data management

  • Ability to transfer and synchronize contract data from commercial operating systems, Excel lists, etc.
  • Reminder function and deadline management function
  • Standard exports for analysis, e.g. in Microsoft Excel

Interested in learning more about electronic contract records or Doxis4?

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