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BPM Day in Moscow

„Mit einer zertifizierten ECM-Software wie Doxis4 erhalten Unternehmen die Beweiskraft ihrer Informationen, vermeiden Risiken, schaffen Vertrauen und stärken ihre Reputation!“

Manfred Zerwas, geschäftsführender SER-Gesellschafter

See new Doxis4 BPM at the symposium

The SER Group will participate in the industry conference "BPM Day" on April 15, 2015 in Moscow. The conference is being organized by TAdviser – the expert center for the automation of business in Russia. 

The following main topics will be discussed during the conference:

  • The BPM market in Russia: volume and key suppliers
  • When is BPM needed and when is it not necessary?
  • Integration of BPM with ECM systems: main problems
  • Visual design of business processes: available tools
  • BPM and analytics
  • Forecasts for the market development

TAdviser (Technologies + Adviser) is a Russian news portal and analytical agency. For many years TAdviser has been generating a unique database that consolidates data on IT markets, key vendors, IT systems, and projects implemented by Russian companies from 37 industries. It collects and analyzes data on information systems available in Russia and the CIS and on companies offering services in that area.  It is the most comprehensive resource today, representing information on over one thousand ERP, BI, and HRM projects.

Audience of TAdviser reached 310 thousand people and has a constant growth of 26% per half a year. The majority of the TAdviser audience are enterprise customers interested in complete and objective information about the Russian IT market by an independent source.