Doxis4 BPM

Content of the training "Doxis4 BPM"

The training Doxis4 BPM is intended for people who use the integrated process processing within the scope of Doxis4 winCube / Doxis4 webCube. On the first day, you will learn about the architecture of the Doxis4 BPM with its various administrative components.

The extended user administration with the cubeDesigner for the creation of post basket users and the sequence of a postal basket method with integrated process management are the focus of the event. The process concepts "ad hoc" and "structured process model" are explained using practical examples and the technical and conceptual implementation in the cubeDesigner is analyzed. From the second day onwards, the practical realization of some process scenarios of different degrees of complexity using Doxis4 process definitions will be the focus. Learn not only the conception and mapping of processes, but also the design of the necessary masks and the integration of automatic agents. The extended rights in the access protection module of cubeDesigner, as well as the postal basket administration are explained in detail.

Target Group

IT administrators, Project developer, Partners and SER employees


4 Days, 1. Day: 10 AM - 5 PM, Following Days: 9 AM - 5 PM


  • Knowledge: user basics Windows Operating systems
  • SERacademy trainings: Doxis4 CSB Functional Administration


  • Conception and Definitions
  • Doxis4 architecture and components
  • Establishment and administration of post basket users
  • Process definition and mapping of a process with the Doxis4 Designer
  • Masks and layouts of operations
  • Integration of automatic activities
  • Logging, error handling
  • Extended access rights and postal basket rights
  • Realization of reminders
Location & Date
Locationicon Bonn Tue, 10. Sep - 13. Sep 2019 Kalendericon

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1. - 3. participant of customers,
price pro person: 2800 EUR

each more participant of customers, price pro person:
2000 EUR

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