Doxis4 webCube Scripting

Content of the training "webCube Scripting"

The adaptation of the functionalities of Doxis4 webCube to your individual needs is essentially achieved by JAVA. By adopting the Doxis4 webCube scripts language to JAVA, you have a wide range of possibilities to define and maintain your own application. 

Get to know the adaptive possibilities of Doxis4 webCube to your company-specific requirements. We provide you with the necessary knowledge of the Doxis4 webCube object model. In the course, practical examples of archiving, research, and results lists are developed. Optionally, scripts can be discussed for process processing.

Target Group

IT administrators, Project developer, Partners and SER employees


2 Days, 1. Day: 10 AM - 5 PM, 2. Day: 9 AM - 5 PM


  • Knowledge: user basics Windows Operating systems, Fundamentals JAVA
  • SERacademy trainings: Doxis4 CSB Functional Administration 
  • Further trainings:


  • Integration of a development environment
  • Doxis4 webCube object model
  • Properties and methods of Doxis4 webCube objects
  • Program examples for archiving masks
  • Program examples of result masks
  • Program examples for global scripts
  • Program examples of process processing
  • Integration of Ribbonbar objects
Location & Date
Locationicon Bonn Wed, 20. Nov - 21. Nov 2019 Kalendericon

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1. - 3. participant of customers,
price pro person: 2800 EUR

each more participant of customers, price pro person:
2000 EUR

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