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Become a successful Doxis4 specialist and experience our iECM-suite to the fullest with our customized training program

The SERacademy training seminars are tailored to your needs. Experience all Doxis4 functionalities and learn how our software works – including scripting, Doxis4 cubeDesigner and much more.

We have created a streamlined program to make the most of your time and efforts. All training seminars are hands-on and provide you an opportunity to share knowledge, guaranteeing mutual success. Moreover, they are part of the partner enabling program to become a certified partner. Join us in Bonn or Berlin to experience SER and Doxis4 first hand.



  • Extensive know-how of Doxis4 in only two training blocks
  • Hands-on and insightful
  • Technical enabling of customers and partner certification

Our technical enabling program from customers and partners is divided into two parts. Targeted seminars guide you through the solution and its functionalities and describe which additional scripting and programming are possible. Both modules required to become a certified partner.

Technical Enabling Program 1 (5 days)

  • Doxis4 CSB Server (2 days)

    This training unit lays the foundation for successful CSB system administration. In addition to the basic configuration of the Doxis4 CSB node, the training seminar also focuses on topics such as using storage service, which provides standardized access to a wide variety of storage or archive systems. Replication and information life-cycle management (ILM) are also tackled. On day two you will test your knowledge by setting up a completely new Doxis4 CSB system.

  • Doxis4 cubeDesigner (1 day)

    This unit offers you an intensive introduction to CSB system administration. It focuses on Doxis4 cubeDesigner and its design tools together with the administration functions for organization and rights management. Get a practical understanding of how Doxis4 cubeDesigner interacts with the Doxis4 winCube client and Doxis4 CSB. You will work on a realistic sample project and apply what you have learned in exercises.

  • Doxis4 BPM (1,5 days)

    The Doxis4 iECM Suite is an integrated ECM and BPM solution that supports both static and ad-hoc business processes in equal measure. Static processes can be standardised and automated. In contrast, ad-hoc processes (where process participants and objectives are not clearly defined in advance) can be implemented on a case basis. As a result, ad-hoc workflows can be turned into static processes thanks to successful business practices and vice versa. Find out how to create and manage different solutions for different needs with ease.

  • Doxis4 Record Service (0,5 days)

    The Doxis4 Record Service enables you to manage all types of records and documents on a department, project, process instance or content-based level. Records come in all forms and sizes: customer records in a sales department, staff files in an HR department, production and machine files and project records in a production department, contract records in a legal department, civilian records at a public authority, and health records at a health centre. This unit will help you understand how to implement records for a wide range of requirements.

Partner Enabling Program 1
Partner Enabling Program 2

Technical Enabling Program 2 (5 days)

  • Doxis4 File Import Service (FIPS) (1 day)

    Computer systems in companies and public administration organizations create huge quantities of data that has to be retained for many years in order to meet operational and statutory requirements. The Doxis4 File Import Service (FIPS) helps you to configure mass-import of electronic content. It is the client for the automatic conversion, separation, indexing and archiving of large quantities of data. In this unit you receive the knowledge how to work with the Doxis4 File Import Service (FIPS) and adapt it to suit your requirements. With the help of pre- and post-processing, you learn how to use the Java programming language for FIPS jobs.

  • Doxis4 Agent Service (2 days)

    The Doxis4 Agent Service permits flexible responses to events in Doxis4 and allows customized automated sequences to be initiated in the form of Java or script-based program ("agents"). Typical events in Doxis4 CSB include, for example, the archiving of a document, the changing of descriptors or the addition of a document to a file. In the Doxis4 Agent Service unit you learn how to manage, use and customize defined standard agents and develop your own agents in the Java or Groovy programming language.

  • Doxis4 winCube Scripting (2 days)

    You can adapt the functionality of Doxis4 winCube to suit your specific requirements by using Basic scripts. The Doxis4 winCube script language is based on Visual Basic, and this offers you a great deal of scope and flexibility for defining and maintaining your application. You learn how to customize Doxis4 winCube to meet your business requirements. We tell you what you need to know about the Doxis4 winCube object model. You work through practical examples that give you experience of archiving, searching and result lists.

Partner Enabling Program 2

Training locations of SERacademy

Meet us in Bonn or Berlin to become a Doxis4 specialist – all training seminars are specifically designed to fulfil your needs and answer all your questions.

European headquarters, Bonn

Our headquarters in Bonn offers you a state-of-the-art training facility. The design and technical equipment ensure that you gain knowledge and experience using Doxis4.

Conveniently located, the SER headquarters is easy to reach by all means of transportation.

Regional office, Berlin

Our regional office Berlin is perfectly located in the heart of Germany’s capital. The office, overlooking the popular shopping street Kurfürstendamm, is equipped with a modern seminar room where diverse SER training seminars are held.

Berlin is the place to be and offers a multitude of opportunities – not only our training seminars. With two airports, direct flights from many European cities are available at a reasonable price.