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The perfect team:
specialized and system administration
for the Doxis4 iECM Suite

Administration for team projects

In the Doxis4 iECM Suite, administrative functions are split between technical and specialized administration due to the range of different objectives, requirements and tasks involved in each of the areas. System administration (Doxis4 Admin) focuses on the technical implementation, administration and operation of the Doxis4 iECM Suite while specialized administration (Doxis4 cubeDesigner) sets up, enhances and maintains specialist ECM applications. Separating these functions enables companies to split administration according to specialist resources and their expertise. While system administration has long been within the remit of IT departments, the expertise needed for specialized administration is found in elsewhere, such as corporate development departments, organisation and further specialist departments. When dealing with especially sensitive data, a distinction must be made between these two types of administration to aid data protection. This applies particularly to staff records, the protection of which is required by law.

In summary, our split administration concept enable companies, organisations and authorities to set up joint ECM projects between IT departments and other departments, separating duties according to each participant's area of expertise. This makes it easier for them to comply with legal requirements related to data protection and other similar issues. 

Doxis4 administration clients

  • Doxis4 Admin is used for the basic technical configuration and system administration of the entire Doxis4 iECM Suite
  • Doxis4 cubeDesigner is used for specialist administration, maintenance and independent development of ECM applications

Key functions

  • Managing the technical set-up, operation and monitoring of applications in Doxis4 iECM
  • Initializing and managing domains
  • Linking databases and storage systems, etc.
  • Setting up tenants

System administration

Basic and system-based administration in the Doxis4 iECM Suite is conducted using Doxis4 Admin. This is used to adjust all the basic settings for the technical set-up, operations and monitoring in the Doxis4 iECM Suite. Doxis4 Admin has two different operating modes: The so-called “super administration” mode enables you to set up and manage the entire Doxis4 system topology across all tenants while “organization administration” covers the technical set-up and management of the tenants specified in super administration mode.

Specialized administration

Doxis4 cubeDesigner is the specialist administration client for the Doxis4 iECM Suite. Thanks to intuitive design and a high level of functionality, the specialized administration client is a benchmark for agile software, which enables companies to adapt to new requirements quickly and easily. The Doxis4 cubeDesigner is the starting point when it comes to setting up, modifying, configuring and maintaining all ECM applications. Its graphic user interfaces follows the well-known Microsoft design so that users can quickly get to grips with the software, even if they don't have any programming experience. This enables companies and institutions to enhance and extend their ECM projects to other areas, without any further support from SER.

Find out more about specialized administration in Doxis4

Key functions

  • Setting up and maintaining archive and record structures
  • Designing workflows (workflow types, process models)
  • Designing dialogs, result lists, search templates and much more
  • Setting up and maintaining users, groups and roles and assigning authorisation rights
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Doxis4 cubeDesigner - Design client of the Doxis4 ECM platform
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Doxis4 cubeDesigner - Design client of the Doxis4 ECM platform

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