Doxis4 certifications

Giving your company compliance certainty

The IT world is changing at a dramatic pace, and so are its standards and regulations. The SER Group has the skills to help your company meet the rigorous regulatory demands of today. The Doxis4 iECM suite has earned important certifications that demonstrate its suitability and special capabilities to fulfill compliance requirements.

One distinguished accomplishment is the seal of approval from Deloitte & Touche, an internationally renowned auditing firm, which has certified that the Doxis4 iECM suite complies with the German auditing standard IDW PS 880. Furthermore, the auditing firm Ebner Stolz has confirmed that Doxis4 is ready for eInvoicing. SER is also a certified SAP partner. A wide range of SER interfaces, for example, for SAP, are regularly (re)certified. What's more, SER's Microsoft Gold Partner status is validation of its high level of competence and knowledge of the latest Microsoft technologies and demonstrates the deep integration of Doxis4 in Microsoft products.

Doxis4 certifications

  • IDW PS 880
  • ISO 16175
  • Ready for eInvoicing
  • SAP (ArchiveLink/HTTP Content Server, BC-ILM 3.0)
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
IDW PS 880 certification

Deloitte & Touche certifies Doxis4's compliance
with IDW PS 880

Deloitte & Touche, an internationally renowned auditing firm, has certified that the Doxis4 enterprise content management software by SER complies with the German auditing standard IDW PS 880. SER customers have guaranteed security that with Doxis4, their electronic archiving is audit-proof and adheres to the generally accepted principles of computerized accounting systems, the German Tax Code, the German Commercial Code, and the principles of data access and auditability of digital records.

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Doxis4 complies with the international standard
ISO 16175-2

Doxis4 users can be sure that they meet all of the requirements for information subject to retention, regardless of which media is used to create and/or store it: the Doxis4 iECM suite has been certified according to the international standard ISO 16175-2. The independent certification authority, Van Bussel Document Services, confirms this.

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ISO 16175 certification
Doxis4 is ready for eInvoicing

Doxis4 is ready for eInvoicing

Doxis4 iECM fulfills the legal requirements for electronic invoices according to the German Value Added Tax Act, §14 Section 1. This was substantiated by the internationally renowned auditing firm, Ebner Stolz. SER customers can be rest assured that with Doxis4, they are using an inbound invoice and archiving software that processes electronic inbound invoices in a legally compliant way.

Further information

Doxis4 is EU GDPR-certified

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) introduces stronger data protection. The Doxis4 iECM suite meets the data protection requirements of the EU GDPR, as the auditing firm Ebner Stolz confirms. All SER customers receive proven security. They can rely on Doxis4 to help them protect, store, delete and transmit personal data compliant with the EU GDPR.

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EU-DSGVO certification
certified SAP interfaces of Doxis4

Doxis4 iECM suite “Powered by SAP NetWeaver”

As a long-standing certified partner of SAP, SER ensures a deep integration of SAP and the Doxis4 iECM suite. Regular (re-)certifications of the SAP interfaces and SAP Add-ons for the Doxis4 iECM suite are the norm for SER.

This includes Doxis4 InvoiceMaster (certified SAP Add-On for automated invoice verification), Doxis4 HTTPContentServer (certified SAP interface for archiving via ArchiveLink) and Doxis4 WebDAV Connector for ILM (certified SAP interface for ILM and retention).

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Long-standing certified Microsoft Gold Partner

For 10 consecutive years now, SER has been a Microsoft Gold Partner. The Gold Partner status substantiates SER's expertise in the integration of Microsoft products with the solutions of the Doxis4 iECM suite. Customers benefit from SER's long-term strategy of continuously investing in employee qualification. SER's Microsoft Gold Partner status gives customers the assurance that their Microsoft products work seamlessly with SER's solutions.

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Microsoft Gold Partner