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Doxis4 archive
“powered by SAP NetWeaver”

ILM for SAP documents and data using the SER archive

The Doxis4 Archive has once again proved its suitability for the secure long-term archiving of SAP documents and data in official SAP test procedures. SAP SE has certified the integration of the archive interfaces Doxis4 HCS 7.02 and Doxis4 webDAV Connector for ILM 01.00 with SAP NetWeaver. SAP users can therefore rest assured that documents and data from their SAP systems will be safely and reliably stored in the Doxis4 archive from SER.

SER's standard Doxis4 HTTPContentServer (HCS) interface has once again been certified (in accordance with SAP specification BC-AL 6.20) for archiving content from SAP via ArchiveLink. Furthermore, the newly-certified Doxis4 webDAV Connector for ILM interface (in accordance with SAP specification BC-ILM 3.0) enables users to apply active retention management by defining retention periods for archived SAP content.

Many companies use SAP's ERP system as their main application for mapping business processes. In order to guarantee the performance of the SAP system over the long term, the load on the SAP database must be reduced on a regular basis. To reduce this load, data from completed business periods or completed business processes is stored in an archive. Thanks to the corresponding interfaces for the Doxis4 archive (Doxis4 HCS 7.02 and Doxis4 webDAV Connector for ILM 01.00), SER customers can keep their SAP systems running smoothly and actively manage retention periods for archived SAP documents.

When working in conjunction with SER's standard Doxis4 HCS interface, SAP's classic ArchiveLink interface contained no functions for managing retention periods. These functions were first introduced with the launch of the SAP add-on component SAP NetWeaver ILM. Doxis4 WebDAV Connector for ILM expands the SAP components by adding a WebDAV storage solution with functions for checking data retention and conducting correct retention management. These functions comply with SAP SE's BC-ILM 3.0 specification.

Information Lifecycle Management for SAP

Doxis4 WebDAV Connector for ILM evaluates retention parameters transmitted by the SAP system and translates them into the corresponding settings for Doxis4's retention service. This not only protects archived data from the SAP database from being deleted before it should be, it also enables users to set retention parameters for documents and print lists that have been archived using Doxis4 HTTPContentServer in accordance with the ArchiveLink specification.

Doxis4 WebDAV Connector for ILM includes:

  • Functions for archiving SAP data in one standard format
  • Standardised retention management for SAP data and SAP documents
  • New options for decommissioning old SAP systems

Application cases for retention checks, for example for accounting processes where documents such as invoices are routinely generated in large quantities during ongoing business operations. This type of data is subject to a number of legal regulations when it comes to its retention. SAP NetWeaver ILM takes account of these regulations by providing examination areas and retention rules that can be assigned to particular types of documents. A document cannot be deleted until the end of the retention period has passed. In some legal circumstances, companies may be required to define deletion deadlines for documents. However, some documents may be relevant for ongoing legal cases. Any such document can be marked and locked for legal purposes and cannot be deleted until the case in question has been closed and the lock has been lifted.