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Doxis4 iECM suite
“Powered by SAP NetWeaver”

SER's SAP-certified solutions

As a long-standing certified partner of SAP, SER ensures a deep integration of SAP and the Doxis4 iECM suite. Over fifty percent of all SER customers use Doxis4 together with SAP.

(Re-)certifications of SAP interfaces and SAP Add-ons for the Doxis4 iECM suite are essential for SER. All functions for SAP data archiving, SAP document archiving, electronic records in SAP, and SAP inbound invoice processing are integrated through certified SAP repository interfaces with the Doxis4 iECM suite. Beyond this, SER has its own namespace in SAP (/SER/IM4S).

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SER's SAP-certified solutions

Certified SAP Add-on for automated invoice verification

Doxis4 InvoiceMaster, SER's invoice management solution in SAP, proved its suitability in combination with SAP ERP during SAP's official testing procedure. For companies using SAP ERP, Doxis4 InvoiceMaster is a secure add-on for inbound invoice processing. It helps customers with the automated invoice processing of vendor invoices.

The SAP certification confirms that SER's solution for inbound invoice processing fulfills all of the technical requirements of an SAP Add-on. It also confirms that, in terms of the organization of internal processes and procedures in software development, documentation and software support, SER provides the required level of quality or even exceeds the requirements.

Doxis4 InvoiceMaster

The certificate from SAP confirms that Doxis4 InvoiceMaster 8.3 has been successfully integrated with SAP NetWeaver 7.40 via the "ABAP Add-On Deployment for SAP Enterprise Resource Planning" SAP integration scenario.

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Doxis4 HTTPContentServer

SAP SE certified the integration of the archive interface Doxis4 HCS 7.02 with SAP NetWeaver via the SAP integration scenario BC-AL 6.20.

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Certified SAP interface for archiving via ArchiveLink

Doxis4 HTTPContentServer (HCS), the standard interface of SER for archiving from SAP via ArchiveLink, has proven yet again in the official SAP testing procedure to be a secure long-term archiving solution for SAP documents and data.

Inbound and outbound documents, print lists and archive files can be processed with Doxis4 via the certified archiving interface.

Consequently, SAP users have the guarantee that documents and data from their SAP systems are stored and managed in the Doxis4 archive in a secure and high-performing way.

Certified SAP interface for ILM and retention

Doxis4 WebDAV Connector for ILM supports the SAP interface BC-ILM, which is based on the WebDAV protocol, for archiving SAP documents and data. To supplement classic archiving via ArchiveLink, the likewise certified archive interface from SER offers active retention management by defining retention periods for archived SAP content.

The classic ArchiveLink interface from SAP that is used via Doxis4 HCS does not include functions for life-cycle management, but the SAP component NetWeaver ILM enhances the SAP standard delivery. Doxis4 WebDAV Connector for ILM adds WebDAV storage to the SAP components with functions for organized retention management.

Doxis4 WebDAV Connector for ILM

SAP SE certified the integration of the archive interface Doxis4 WebDAV Connector for ILM 01.00 with SAP NetWeaver via the SAP integration scenario BC-ILM 3.0.

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