Out of office – A flexible ECM solution for business people on the move

A digital briefcase for smartphones and tablets – Doxis4 mobileCube

You won't necessarily be sitting at your desk when you need quick access to documents, records, process instances and work items. No matter whether you're on a business trip, visiting a customer, sitting in a meeting or simply working from another site, you still need access to important documents and you still need to be able to make decisions for key business processes. Digital business soon gets stuck without the support of a mobile business solution.

The mobile ECM client, Doxis4 mobileCube, enhances the Doxis4 iECM Suite by allowing you to use its functions for documents, records, process instances and work items no matter where you are, provided you have your smartphone or tablet to hand (compatible with both Apple iOS and Google Android). Doxis4 mobileCube focuses primarily on the typical needs of a mobile user.

Doxis4 iECM Suite's efficient ECM infrastructure and central Doxis4 Content Repository provide a basic platform for location-independent work in the Doxis4 mobileCube. As well as being able to access data on their smartphones and tablets while they are out and about, users also have access to Windows- and web-based clients. This means that all employees and contractors are always working with the latest version of information. They are able to access this information from their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, depending on what they need at the time. 

Thanks to Doxis4 mobileCube, users can access the entire information pool even when they are out on the road (provided they have the relevant access rights). As a result, you can stay up-to-date and ready to make a decision at all times, while also keeping a good grip on day-to-day tasks and unexpected challenges, no matter where you are in the world.

Mobile search & display

The mobile client includes nearly all of the same search functions as our other Doxis4 clients – we have simply adjusted them for optimum mobile use. You can either search through metadata (index search), the entire content of documents (fulltext search) or through a combination of both. Search results are then displayed in a results list designed specifically for mobile screens.

Frequently used documents can be stored as favourites for quick access and transferred to your mobile device. This means that you can still access them even if you don't have a direct connection to Doxis4 – for example, if you're on a plane.

To help you view image and TIFF documents, Doxis4 mobileCube converts files to PDF on the fly – including all annotations. The application is able to display all formats supported by the operating system used on your device, including PDF, Office and all standard image files. When used in conjunction with Doxis4 Imaging Service (which displays documents outside of their original application), you can display over 300 different formats by loading documents onto your mobile device page-by-page.

Mobile filing functions & workflows

Documents that you have created on your mobile, received via email or downloaded from any other sources can be filed in the Content Repository thanks to Doxis4 mobileCube – it's just like sharing content in any other apps.

With Doxis4 mobileCube, users can take part in, perform and forward process instances while they are out on the road. They can also access all workbaskets – including all personal workbaskets, approved workbaskets and group workbaskets.

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What it has to offer

  • Mobile access to documents, records, process instances and work items no matter where you are in the world
  • Standard, up-to-date information available in the central Doxis4 Content Repository at all times, even offline
  • Compatible with a number of mobile platforms (Apple iOS, Google Android)
  • Windows- and web-clients for PCs and laptops can be used at the same time in one solution

Features & strengths

  • Document access and network sharing no matter where you are

    All document, process and work item functions are just the touch of a button away from the Doxis4 mobileCube start screen, including search functions, workbaskets, directories and favourites. Pre-configured profiles can be used to set up quick connections to various Content Repositories in Doxis4. As a result, you can approve applications, invoices, etc., and access important business documents no matter where you are in the world. When you're out on business trips, you can now start making the most of waiting and travelling times for work. All key records and documents are also always on hand for meetings and visits to customers.

  • Your own personal workspace

    After logging in to the Doxis4 Content Service Bus, Doxis4 mobileCube provides users with their own mobile workspace with direct access to relevant information stored in the Content Repository. The workstation provides users with a list of all pending work items in their own personal workbasket, in group workbaskets and in any other workbaskets to which they have access. Users are also able to set up their own directories for quick access to certain documents or frequently used search settings.

  • No more connection problems

    Working on the road using your smartphone or tablet is often hindered by a limited or lack of network connection. However, Doxis4 mobileCube has been designed to overcome such obstacles: Instead of downloading entire documents, you can download individual pages in the special mobile viewer. It therefore doesn't take long to open even the largest of documents, reducing loading times and minimising the amount of data transferred. And when you don't have access to Doxis4 at all, your personal favourites and pre-configured directories will still be available offline. 

  • Compliance and data protection

    Doxis4 mobileCube provides users with an efficient and secure platform for sharing documents when they are away from their desks, without the risk of violating compliance and data protection regulations. The NSA affair was a wake-up call for many companies not already aware of security risks. As a result, the storage of confidential data and the use of apps for exchanging information are now key focus areas for a wide range of organisations. Even before the NSA case, the Doxis4 Content Repository provided companies with a secure way of filing documents; a function it will always perform, no matter where you are using it from. Even if you are unlucky enough to lose your smartphone or tablet, you can rest assured that your data will remain safe as it is stored in Doxis4 instead of on the device itself.

  • Tenant capability

    Large corporations and medium-sized companies with a number of legally-independent subsidiaries will find Doxis4's tenant capability impossible to live without: Doxis4 mobileCube supports multi-tenant systems. All available tenants are configured on the Doxis4 mobileCube gateway. You can therefore stop tenants not intended for mobile use from being used.

  • Parallel use on other clients and devices

    Doxis4 mobileCube is just one of the ways you can access your documents, records, process instances and work items in Doxis4. Depending on the situation in question, the functions needed, and usage rates, employees are able to use the additional Windows- or browser-based clients to access Doxis4 on their PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones. As a result, they are able to access and use the most recent versions of documents and work items at any time, no matter where they are in the world. Regardless of the client or device used, roles and access rights can be managed centrally in the Doxis4 cubeDesigner.

Finding anything anywhere

Doxis4 mobileCube enables users to search through all documents in the Content Repository, provided they have been granted the relevant access rights. A range of different search dialogues can be set up to allow users to find documents according to their metadata and content. All results lists are automatically adjusted to fit the screen of the mobile device in question. Grouping and filter functions provide a quick overview of all search results, simplifying even the longest of result lists.

Preview Lupe
Preview Lupe

Storing documents when you're out and about

Thanks to Doxis4 mobileCube, all documents that you create, receive or download on your mobile device can be safely archived in the Content Repository and shared with other colleagues. Depending on your configurations, you can select the appropriate document class (e.g. offer, order or invoice) when storing the document and also manually or automatically assign further index criteria to the document to be archived. As a result, you and your colleagues won't have trouble finding the document again at a later date.

Ready to make a well-informed decision at any time

Taking part in your company's decision-making processes regardless of the time and your location is easy thanks to the Doxis4 mobileCube client. Doxis4 mobileCube provides you with mobile access to all Doxis4 workbaskets that you are authorised to use. Work items are displayed clearly in the workbasket (along with the number of outstanding work items) to provide you with quick and easy access to information. Now, you can decide whether you want to approve or delegate an invoice in a matter of moments, regardless of where you happen to be.

Preview Lupe

Overview of functions in Doxis4 mobileCube

Mobile client

  • Compatible with a number of mobile platforms (Apple iOS, Google Android)
  • Installation via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Access to several tenants and Doxis4 systems


  • Use of a number of different search dialogues, depending on the application
  • System is able to propose values for input fields
  • Structured results display plus configurable results list display (selected descriptors, pre-defined groups)
  • Optimised performance thanks to paging solution – data is transferred onto the device in packages

Directories, favourites & offline access

  • Option to save frequently used documents and search templates as personal favourites
  • Homepage with direct access to favourites and directories
  • Offline access to personal favourites and pre-configured directories
  • Wide range of configuration options for offline mode (e.g. image quality, page numbers)


  • Ability to render images to PDFs “on the fly”
  • Use of installed apps to display documents
  • Incorporation of annotations into PDF display
  • Optional use of Doxis4 Imaging Service to display over 300 document formats, irrespective of their original application
  • Ability to “share” documents with other applications

Filing & indexing

  • Option to file documents from other apps using the “Share” function
  • Configurable filing dialogues for various document classes
  • System is able to propose values for input fields
  • Display and editing functions for document descriptors
  • Ability to send and process “iECM links” for work items and/or documents

BPM and task management

  • Inclusion of “mobile” employees into ongoing business processes
  • Use of digital workbaskets (personal, approved, external and group workbaskets)
  • Functions for managing process instances (releasing, delegating)
  • Option to display all information on a particular process (metadata and documents)


  • Central administration e.g. for distributing dialogues and results list templates
  • Compatible with role structures
  • Support for server-based customisation
  • Support for pre-defined process models
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