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News/press releases

(12.12.2016 - Berlin) The Doxis4 iECM suite's language portfolio has been extended to add a thirteenth language: Hungarian. SER's enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) solution is now available for 137 countries worldwide.

(02.11.2016 - Berlin) The SER Group has been selected by Gartner as one of the 15 leading ECM vendors worldwide in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management*. This demonstrates that SER continues to fulfill Gartner’s strict inclusion and evaluation criteria for the international ECM market and its vendors. SER is the only vendor of German origin and one of three European software vendors positioned in the evaluation matrix.

(20.10.2016 - Berlin/Moscow) The SER Group, one of the top ECM vendors worldwide, is expanding its business in Russia with a newly founded legal entity OOO SER Software RUS. With this step, SER is strengthening its commitment to the Russian market. Supported by a growing partner network of companies such as Masterdata and Softline, SER plans to bolster its local team with in-house developers.

(19.10.2016 - Berlin) Doxis4 InvoiceMaster 8.3 is successfully certified in combination with SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver 7.40. SER has been a certified SAP partner for archiving solutions for many years. Now, SER expands its certification portfolio to include the inbound invoice processing solution from SAP.

(14.09.2016 - Bern / Oberentfelden) After an extensive tender process at Swiss Transfusion SRC Inc. in Bern, SER Schweiz won with Doxis4. SER and its ECM solutions will tackle the areas of vendor invoice processing, quality management, and transfusion and patient records.

AP Fiori app for invoice workflows: Touch & Go – Approve invoices in a flash

(26.07.2016 - Berlin) SER is one of the first enterprise content management (ECM) vendors worldwide to offer an SAP Fiori-based app that supports user-friendly invoice workflows on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The app enhances SER's portfolio of invoice processing solutions using SAP. Decision-makers can use the app to check and approve invoices and more while on the go. The benefits? Stay ready to act and keep fully informed about all accounts payable.

(02.06.2016 - Berlin) SER is one of the first enterprise content management (ECM) vendors worldwide that supports SharePoint 2016. The deep integration of Doxis4 into the Microsoft solution now adds a comprehensive document management function (DMS) and audit-proof archiving to SharePoint 2016.

(14.04.2016 - Berlin) Have all your business documents with you without having to carry a thing – except your smartphone. Access all your documents and take part in business processes – even away from the office. It is possible. Yet many companies cannot provide their employees this kind of mobile workspace, as a current IDC study reports. There is a solution, however: the Doxis4 webCube app.

(22.03.2016 - Bonn/Berlin) Starting in January 2016, SER became an active member of AIIM, the international Association for Information and Image Management. This global network of experts brings together independent research, further education and certification programs dealing with document and information management.

SER attains Microsoft Gold Partner status

(17.03.2016 - Berlin) SER has once again achieved gold status as a Microsoft Partner. SER, an ECM vendor in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management, was able to strengthen its competencies and know-how in the integration of Microsoft products into the Doxis4 iECM suite.

(15.02.2016 - Berlin) Poor support, a lack of scalability, security gaps – there are many reasons to do away with outdated enterprise content management (ECM) systems. Still, the switch to a modern ECM system can be rocky if the data migration is not well thought out. With the Doxis4 Consolidation Service, SER now offers an ECM migration concept and tool that minimizes the effort and risks involved in a transformation process.

(08.12.2015 - Bonn) Safe Harbor - there are many puns going around the European Court of Justice declaring it void, but let’s resist the temptation to add another one and focus on the practical ramifications.

Gartner Symposium / ITxpo in Barcelona

(18.11.2015 - Berlin/Barcelona) Under this year’s theme “Rise to the Challenge” more than 5,000 CIOs and IT leaders gathered in Barcelona for Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. As Platinum Sponsor SER positioned ECM Excellence for the Digital Workplace as part of the CIO agenda both at the stand (ITxpo) and as part of the official conference programme (symposium).

(19.10.2015 - Bonn) Since the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that the “Safe Harbor” agreement is invalid, a state of legal limbo has prevailed in that no clear data protection regulations now exist regarding the secure exchange of personal data between the EU and the US. With SER’s Doxis4 solution, however, organisations can stay on the right track, as its built-in encryption facility enables data to be exchanged securely – even in the cloud – despite the current legal uncertainties.

Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in London

(28.09.2015 - Bonn/London) Addressing an international audience at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in London, SER set out what Doxis4 ECM can do for the digital workplace. SER took the opportunity to present the SER Group and its ECM and BPM technology to an expert audience comprising companies and consultants from many different countries. This was followed by a presentation from SER customer DHL Express which demonstrated how the technology works in practice.

(27.07.2015 - Bonn) On July 29, 2015 Microsoft officially releases Windows 10. As Microsoft Gold Partner, SER was granted access to a developer preview of Windows 10 at an early stage, so that SER was able to push the integration of the Microsoft operating system into the Doxis4 iECM Suite. The result: Even before Windows 10 is officially released, the Doxis4 Windows client of the Doxis4 iECM-Suite is perfectly prepared for the latest operating system generation.

(27.07.2015 - Wien) SER, an European software manufacturer of complete enterprise content management systems for information logistics, and the research partner AIT Austrian Institute of Technology agree a strategic cooperation to develop and market new solutions to reliably store and manage data in the digital universe.

(22.04.2015 - Bonn / Moskau) On 19 May, the SER Group will be presenting its enterprise content management solutions at DOCFLOW 2015 in Moscow. SER will be appearing at this key industry event as a Gold Partner of the trade fair & conference for electronic document and information management. The conference will be held at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel & Business Centre in Moscow.

(15.04.2015 - Bonn / Moskau) On 15 April 2015, the SER Group took part in "BPM Day" in Moscow. SER took the opportunity of the BPM (business process management) industry conference to present its completely re-imagined Doxis4 BPM software to the Russian IT market for the first time.

(07.04.2015 - Bonn) Hybrid BPM systems which can master both model-driven (rule-based) and agile (flexible) processes are the future. This was confirmed by the analysts and advisers Gartner and Zöller & Partner at the Doxis4 BPM première in Bonn. The hybrid Doxis4 BPM combines the best of both worlds in a single piece of software on one technological platform. It sets an example for future BPM software generations. 

(31.03.2015 - Berlin) Doxis4 now supports 12 official languages, with coverage for 135 countries. International companies can now provide their employees with access to the Doxis4 integrated enterprise content management suite in the relevant official languages. As well as being Unicode-capable, Doxis4 creates a connection between the various sites of a company which transcends language and borders.

(31.03.2015 - Bonn / London) On 18 and 19 March, the Gartner BPM Summit 2015 was held in London and was a great opportunity for BPM experts, IT decision makers and business architects to discuss the latest trends and technologies for managing business processes. Dr Gregor Joeris took part in the event on behalf of the SER Group.

(24.02.2015 - Berlin) IT decision-makers at French organisation Club Decision DSI have awarded SER Solutions platinum technology partner status for 2015, recognising its work as an innovative company in the area of digitisation. By establishing partnerships with IT suppliers, the organisation aims to give its members access to the very best IT solutions out there.

(11.02.2015 - Berlin) SER adds more agility to business processes with the new Doxis4 Business Process Management (BPM). Businesses can then react more quickly to a changing environment without having to make sacrifices in terms of process compliance. Compared with classic BPM software, the new Doxis4 task & process management system operates situational work items, as well as standardised and automated business processes, which can be combined flexibly in just one software system. Doxis4 therefore brings people, information and procedures together in one process.

(09.02.2015 - Berlin) When it comes to process management with SER, there's no need to make sacrifices. With its completely re-imagined BPM services, SER overcomes the strict separation between normative, model-driven business processes and a situational, knowledge-based task and process management system, following the ad hoc principle. The new Doxis4 BPM combines both in one solution and integrates seamlessly with the existing Doxis4 iECM suite ECM platform.

(06.11.2014 - Berlin) The SER Group has concluded a cooperation agreement with the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) in Xuzhou. This cooperation is aiming for the linguistic and conceptual localisation of SER software into Chinese, as well as the establishment of support programmes for placements abroad, thus investing in personnel resources for German and international subsidiaries in China using SER software.

(04.10.2014 - Berlin) The Doxis4 archive has once again proven its suitability for the secure long-term archiving of SAP documents and data in official SAP test procedures. SAP SE has certified the integration of the archive interfaces Doxis4 HCS 7.02 and Doxis4 WebDAV Connector for ILM 01.00 with SAP NetWeaver. SAP users can thus rest assured that documents and data from their SAP systems will be safely and reliably stored in the Doxis4 archive from SER.