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With Doxis4, we develop and implement software for the enterprise content management (ECM) system of the future. As a digital workspace, Doxis4 boosts the information literacy of each employee and of the entire organization. We secure information and tap its full potential. We connect people with information, synchronize business processes and facilitate knowledge-based teamwork between companies, their suppliers and customers.

With Doxis4, we create ECM and BPM apps that redefine how companies and people work with information today. In doing so, we provide one unified digital workspace. In no other ECM software is there as much experience as in Doxis4 — over 35 years of development expertise and knowledge from thousands of projects reflect this. No other software brings together ECM, DMS and BPM onto one platform like Doxis4 does.

This unique software, in combination with our ECM Excellence, generates one of the most important ROIs of our time: the return on information.

Our resources, our skills and our knowledge guarantee successful customer projects. We personally advise our customers, launch Doxis4 according to their requirements and wishes, provide constant support and offer long-term maintenance.

We want to be the best in what we do and how we do it. We've already reached this goal in Europe: We are the largest software vendor* of enterprise content management in Europe. Worldwide, SER is one of the top five software-only ECM vendors. SER is the only German ECM vendor positioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms. This demonstrates that SER is world-class.

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SER in figures

  • Over 35 years of experience
  • 10 locations in Germany
  • 22 international locations
  • 550 employees
  • more than 2,000 projects
  • over one million users
  • What we do

    • Create the digital workspace of the future with Doxis4
    • Boost the information literacy of companies
    • Encourage knowledge-based collaboration
    • Create added value through our ECM Excellence
    • Generate a return on information for companies.

SER – Background and origins

  • Software Enterprise Research
  • Founded in 1984
  • Currently 15 companies across Europe
  • In-house software development and research on intelligent models and technologies

SER stands for “Software Enterprise Research”

Even back when SER was founded in 1984, the company saw the need to establish a group-style structure. This group is now made up of 15 companies that take their names from their areas of activity and specific locations, for example, “SER Solutions Deutschland GmbH” which sells solutions in the German market.

SER stands for “Software Enterprise Research”

To begin with, Software Enterprise Research's work primarily focused on developing software and researching intelligent processes and technology that companies and organizations could use for knowledge management. During the early years, we concentrated mainly on solutions for  electronic archiving  and document management and how they could be applied in as many industries as possible to increase productivity. Then, just before the year 2000, SER developed technologies based on neural networks to automate content recognition and processing. From this point onwards, the path was cleared for a digital industrial revolution in which data, business processes and humans were all linked using intelligent systems. In 2014, these solutions started playing a significant role in increasing productivity of office work.

The development of the Doxis4 iECM suite was yet another technological milestone for SER. Its service-oriented architecture enables applications to be used as needed across an entire company. Enterprise content management by SER provides an intelligent  automation solution that helps to speed up business processes  and improve services over the long term.

© SER Software Enterprise Research

© SER Software Enterprise Research

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SER's company areas

We value motivation, initiative and personal responsibility, not bureaucracy. Streamlined organizational structures and flat hierarchies are two of the SER Group's key features, highlighting its performance and flexibility. Get to know our company's areas better.

Find out more about SER's company areas

SER's company areas

The SER Group is located across 22 international locations and works with a network of experienced partners in many other countries. Please select a city to learn more about the SER office closest to you.

  • Bonn (Headquarter)
  • Wien (Headquarter)
  • Madrid
  • Warszawa
  • Paris
  • London
  • Zürich (Headquarter)
  • Berlin
  • Klagenfurt
  • Pasching/Linz
  • Shanghai
  • Oberentfelden
  • Frankfurt/Main
  • Hamburg
  • Neu-Delhi
  • München
  • Münster
  • Stuttgart
  • Moscow
  • Dresden
  • Lissabon