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Management team of the SER subsidiaries

Klaus Eulenbach

Klaus Eulenbach

Klaus Eulenbach is a Managing Director of SER Software Technology GmbH, Doxis4 Cloud & Storage Services GmbH and S.E.R. Solutions Polska Sp. z o.o.

Eulenbach, with a degree in Computer Sciences, has been devoted to driving the SER Group's software development and quality assurance for over 25 years now — from the early years of electronic archiving to document and workflow management, leading into the current Doxis4 ECM platform.

Stefan Girmann

Stefan Girmann is a Managing Director of SER Banking Software Solutions GmbH. He is also the Regional Office Manager at SER's Frankfurt/Main location, where he is responsible for Professional Services.

Girmann holds a degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany and Montana State University in the USA. He has played a key role in SER's project business for 20 years now. His ECM expertise has helped countless banking customers to achieve digitalization success in their enterprises.

Jair Godschalk

Jair Godschalk is a Managing Director of SER Solutions Deutschland GmbH. He also leads and is responsible for Professional Services at the SER offices in Stuttgart and Munich in Germany.

In his early years while working at his family's software company, Jair Godschalk was already enthusiastic about getting people excited about digital solutions. In his time there, he led product management, managed large projects, and designed, planned and implemented development projects. His enthusiasm has only grown in his years dedicated to SER's digital solutions.

Philipp Gunzer

Philipp Gunzer is a Managing Director of SER Solutions Deutschland GmbH and SER Banking Software Solutions GmbH, where he is responsible for Professional Services. He is also the Regional Office Manager at SER's Bonn location.  

With a degree in Computer Sciences, Gunzer has been working at SER for about 20 years now. He gained his ECM expertise in various management positions, for example, in senior management in the IT sector, in software and IT solution design and development, and in IT consulting and project management.

Morad Rhlid

Morad Rhlid is a Managing Director of SER Solutions International GmbH, where he is responsible for the strategic and operative business development. His international marketing activities for Doxis4 focus on Europe (excluding German-speaking countries), Russia, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

Rhlid, a sales expert, has been working in the ECM sector for 20 years now. His expertise stems from his experience working in professional services, consulting and sales management.

Torsten Weiler

Torsten Weiler is a Managing Director of Doxis4 Cloud & Storage Services GmbH. For over 25 years now, Weiler has been managing the development, production and sales of SER storage solutions, such as Doxis4 safeLock.

Together with Klaus Eulenbach, he was responsible for the building and expansion of Doxis4 Cloud & Storage Services GmbH. Since 2014, he is also in charge of the business and organization of order processing and license management.

Markus D. Hartbauer

Markus D. Hartbauer is the Managing Director of SER Solutions Österreich GmbH. He has been working across all of Europe for SER over the past 15 years.

Before starting his career, Hartbauer studied Business Management and Project Management/IT. In his years with SER, he has held positions as a Project Manager, a Professional Services Manager and a Product Application Manager, building a bridge between SER's development team and the market. Hartbauer was most recently the Chief Solutions Architect of SER Austria. In this role he spearheaded the design of ECM solutions based on service-oriented architectures to create agile approaches for modern workers.

Albert Baumberger

Albert Baumberger is the Managing Director of SER Solutions Schweiz AG and SER eGovernment Europe GmbH. He has been a member of SER's management team since 1998. Among his accomplishments at SER, he founded the SER Switzerland subsidiary and grew it into one of the leading ECM vendors of the Swiss market.

Since 2005, Baumberger has been responsible for the development of the PRODEA solution for public administrations. Before joining SER, he co-founded software companies specialized in workflows and ERP. He also held various management positions in the financial sector and in industrial plant engineering in Europe and the Middle East.

Dr. Przemysław Kozankiewicz

Dr. Przemysław Kozankiewicz is a Managing Director of S.E.R. Solutions Polska Sp. z o.o., which is based out of Warsaw, Poland.

He brings almost 15 years of development expertise to SER and has been in charge of software development in Warsaw since 2005. He applies his expert know-how in particular to the ECM mobile client solution Doxis4 mobileCube. Dr. Kozankiewicz studied Computer Sciences at the University of Warsaw and earned his doctorate at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Tatiana Savosina

Tatiana Savosina is a Managing Director of OOO SER Software Rus.

She studied Business Management at the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and at the Ulyanovsk State University in Russia. After successfully completing her Master's degree, she honed her expertise in various consulting and sales positions. For five years now, she has been supporting SER with her deep knowledge of the requirements of the Russian ECM market and has been driving digitalization projects with her ECM expertise.