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SERgroup Holding Management Team

Sven Oliver Behrendt

Sven Oliver Behrendt is a Managing Director of SERgroup Holding International GmbH and its Chief Operations Officer. He is also a Managing Director of SER Solutions Deutschland GmbH and SER eGovernment Europe GmbH.

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Behrendt started his career with SER in 1992. He was responsible for opening the Hamburg office and building its Professional Services team. For more than 25 years now, he has been bringing his extensive experience and passion for ECM into countless strategic projects to help customers develop innovatively and to establish partnerships across a diverse range of industries.

Johannes Breuers

As a Managing Director of SERgroup Holding International and SER Solutions Deutschland GmbH, Johannes Breuers has been deftly handling the financial aspects of SER for more than a decade. As the Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for finances, controlling and both domestic and group annual reports for SER.

Johannes Breuers has been crazy about numbers for a long time now: After completing an apprenticeship in banking, he studied Business Management and Economics and then went on to become a certified tax advisor and chartered accountant.

Dr. Gregor Joeris

A Managing Director of SERgroup Holding International GmbH, Dr. Gregor Joeris is the innovative mind behind SER's technologies and products. In his roles as the Chief Technology Officer of the SERgroup Holding and a Managing Director of SER Software Technology GmbH, Dr. Joeris is responsible for the design and further development of SER's flagship product Doxis4.

Kurt-Werner Sikora

Kurt-Werner Sikora is a Managing Director of SERgroup Holding International GmbH, SER Solutions Deutschland GmbH and many of SER's subsidiaries. For more than 30 years now, Sikora has been a pillar of SER's management team.

Over the course of his career, Kurt-Werner Sikora, with degrees in Economics and Law, has gained deep experience in diverse management positions at large companies in the sectors of publishing, banking and services. He also spent extended periods of time abroad — for example, in Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Sudan, where he worked in appraisal and controlling positions. Since the mid-1980s, Sikora has dedicated his career almost exclusively to the world of IT.